Spring Chickens


The first signs of spring have arrived here.  Beautiful, crisp, sunshiny days.  Tulips beginning to pop through the ground and plans for the garden are underway.

We have 100 meat chickens set to arrive in two weeks.  We are trying out the Freedom Ranger chickens this time.  It’s been years since we have raised chickens.  In the past we always chose the extremely fast growing birds.  They are not suitable to our altitude and can have problems so we are going with a more natural growth type of meat chicken and are really excited to see these sweet little birds and how they turn out.

The layers are consistently trying to get outside now.  We are waiting for the ground to thaw enough to get some posts in the ground and get them an outside pen made.  For now they have to be happy with having their doors open for the sunshine and fresh air to stream in.  They are happy little birds.  When we moved them they didn’t miss a beat in their laying.  The man we bought them from said he was getting 12 eggs a day.  From day one we were getting 29-30 everyday.  An egg per chicken.  Quite a deal from what we were expecting.  With the extra we’ve been able to sell 10 dozen eggs a week in addition to the eggs we keep.

One of the baby llama’s was weaned this week.  He was out of sorts for the day but he is now back to himself and feeling quite grown up I think.






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