Vita Tea

One of our favorite things to make are our own tea mixes.  The possibilities are very much endless depending on what we feel like for the day.  One type that we make in bulk is our vitamin tea mix or “Vita Tea”.    Many herbs have different vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body.  For teas that we drink regularly we like to stick to herbs that are high in vitamins and minerals and mild tasting.  With herbs it’s always best to do your own research so you understand for yourself what you are making for youself and your family.  Our society would do well to get back to the understanding that our health is what we make it and herbs are given to us as a blessing from God.


The base of the mix is red raspberry leaf.  These we harvest and dehydrate from our own raspberry bushes.  You can use purchased leaf also.  Red raspberry is economical and makes a great tea by itself, hot or cold.  It is wonderful for the whole family.  For kids and grown ups it’s a soothing warm drink during sicknesses or a refreshing cold drink during hot days.  For pregnant mama’s it is known to shorten labor dramatically if taken for at least 3 months before baby is due.  During my last pregnancy I drank 3 glasses a day and my labor was the first short, “easy” labor I had ever had.  I say easy in the sense that the labor moved along well and while it was a lot of work there wasn’t a bunch of long drawn out pain.  This after 5 regular births and 1 C-section that weren’t short or easy.  The labor began at 4:30 p.m.  and the little one was born at 9 p.m.  Previously all my labors were typically over 24 hours long (except the C-section of course 🙂 )  and very sporadic, tiring  and painful.

Our favorite place to buy bulk herbs is Starwest Botanicals  they have a full selection of herbs and pre-made tea blends and from what we have seen they have high quality and fair prices.  Another  place to buy some great pre-made tea blends and more commonly used herbs is Bulk Herb Store they have lots of information about how to use herbs in day to day life also.  It’s a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about herbs.

So onto the other ingredients and the recipe!  We use this mix because we like the taste and benefits of what are included.

Vita-Tea Recipe

4 parts Red Raspberry Leaf—-2 parts Oat Straw—-2 parts Alfalfa Leaf—-1 part Olive Leaf—-1 part Nettle Leaf—-1 part Dandelion Leaf—-1 part Peppermint Leaf—-1/2 part Rosehips (at times I put a little blessed thistle, maybe a Tablespoon in a little pint jar of the mix just for me…Blessed Thistle has properties that help balance a woman’s system and it also is great for lactating mama’s to help milk supply…not to be used during pregnancy though!! 🙂 )


This recipe can be adjusted any way you would like.  If you don’t have some of the ingredients feel free to leave them out.  In my opinion it’s best with at least the Red Raspberry and then build from there as it has so many good properties.

Here  is the finished product of all our mixing herbs.  I usually use about 2-3 heaping tablespoons in a 12 cup French Press.  Feel free to use more or less to your liking, that’s the beauty of herbs.  Also, I have found that Red Raspberry can make a cloudy hot tea depending on the minerals in your water.  If you like a nice clear tea use filtered water.

Herbs are a wonderful way to bring some new flavors into your day!

Hasn’t the Lord blessed us with all sorts of tasty and healthy things?  I think so!



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