The Chicks have Arrived!

Friday morning we received our cheery call from our post lady….”Good Morning!  We have some the little chickies for you here!”

There’s something about the fun and cuteness of little chicks that just makes you want to watch them……sometimes to long.  I’ll catch myself walking by their pen in our living room only to stop and just watch, sometimes I even pull up my rocking chair and sit awhile with them!

The kiddos are asking can I hold them?  Then….can I hold two of them at the same time?  Can I hold three mom?

Due to our altitude we decided to go with a different breed than we have in the past.  Not that we have grown bunches of chickens by any means, it’s just the few times we have they were the Cornish Rock breed and actually we had never even considered anything else until we read Cornish Rock’s may not do so well above 5,000 feet.

So after doing some research we decided “Freedom Rangers” were the way to go.  They are better for free ranging….Now that I think about it….I suppose that is where their name came from….. and more adaptable to a higher altitude.

The company we got them from is the  Freedom Ranger Hatchery and they are located in Pennsylvania.  I was a little concerned about them coming so far but all of them were very healthy and very much alive when we picked them up.  They are two days old now and we have had no losses yet.  Yay!!

One piece of advice I have taken from a chicken friend of mine was to add some apple cider vinegar to their water if they get runny poo.   We tried this with our last chicks and it worked great and so are just starting with the ACV right away this time.  The first time I added 1 TBS/Quart of water but someone had mentioned I may not need to use so much and so this time I began with 1 TBS/Gallon but after a day noticed some of the runnies and so upped it to 2 TBS/Gallon and it’s been good so far.  If I see anymore I’ll keep increasing it.  I know they do fine with as much as the 1 TBS/Quart so I am good with that too.  We use the good stuff, the most well known brand is Bragg’s ACV but I get my ACV from Azure Standard by the gallon.  It’s a bulk foods truck that delivers once a month to our area.  Another friend tried the regular stuff from the grocery store and her chicks wouldn’t drink it.  So in case you were wondering it may not work to use that type of ACV.




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