The Passover and Unleavened Bread is fast approaching.  Just one more day to search out the leaven in our home.  We really love this time of year.  It brings with it so much to reflect on.  More than just getting the leaven out of the home most important is to get what it represents out of our life.  I would say it’s a lot easier to work through the physical aspect of this feast.  The picture is wonderful the reality is difficult.  Getting yeast out of the home is easy…..especially if you think about it everyday for a months time and become aware of where it is and slowing work it out of the home.  Then by the time Passover comes there are those last few ends of bread or just little bit of yeast to burn.

I like the picture of slowing working out the leaven.  Sin is usually entrenched in a mindset.  If it wasn’t we wouldn’t be doing it right?  Seriously, why would we want to do something that would potentially harm us or someone else?  It makes no sense.  When you believe what you are doing is justified and deserved it often takes a lot of confronting in love, reflecting and having faith to believe the Word before it makes sense to get the leaven  out of life.  It takes time to work negative thoughts out or fear or bitterness or anger.  It takes time to work out of sexual perversion or attempting to control or manipulate those around us so we can be comfortable.

So, everything physical has a spiritual component.  It’s how God gets His very good points across to us and helps us to remember.  Looking into our hearts and getting hidden sin out can be a little more difficult than getting out physical leaven….many times we can’t see it in ourselves….we need others to point it out.  Sometimes we can see it but want to hang on to hurt, fear or some other pain that distances us from God and others.

It’s why this season is so meaningful and full of remembrance.   The most harm can come to us when we are separated from YHVH and others and it only comes through our own choosing.  We have a Messiah who came to bear that sin in our place when we choose turn from it and head back to Him.   Passover and Unleavened Bread are a returning from where we have strayed, a remembrance and celebration of who our Redeemer is, what He has done, will do and is doing right now this very day.   This do in remembrance of Me…..


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