50 Days

Fruits of the SpiritWe are in the midst of  the counting of the Omer – the 50 days from Passover to the quickly approaching, day of celebration and renewal – Shavuot (Pentecost)

Let me just say, this season is full to the brim with so many goings on.  As we count up to Shavuot we consider what happened during that time when the law was given at Mt. Sinai and the Spirit came as a counselor years later to write that law on our heart…to counsel us in the Way that Jesus walked.  The results of this being we would have fruit in our lives that was congruent with coming into covenant with God and accepting His Salvation through His Son.

In addition to the spiritual aspects of this season we have the physical to go with it to remember the newness of life and beauty that come during the springtime heading into the work of summer.  Flowers are blooming, chicks are arriving, the garden is being planted.  New plants,  new animals and a new season to further steward and take dominion in the piece of land that God has given us to care for.  For the past 10 years we had just a bit of land with a rented apartment.  Now we have been blessed with a little more to further bring His Kingdom into this earthly realm while waiting for His return.

This season is full of preparation in hopes of bearing fruit and preparing for a harvest.  In the physical this is obvious but sometimes in the spiritual realm we can loose track and just get into day to day living.  Especially when spring and summer are so busy.  The season between Passover and Shavuot (Pentecost)- the counting of the Omer,  is a return to what is important.  A daily reminder to keep “the main thing, the main thing”.

Amidst the trials that sometimes come, the planting and preparing, the demands of time and resources it’s remembering we have an all constant supply in our Lord and Redeemer.  As we remember that and turn daily back to Him, His fruit can build in our lives and be poured out to the world.  May we always remember where our salvation comes from and the indwelling that comes from having the faith to believe and do what He has assigned us to do.  Take dominion, be good stewards with what we have been entrusted with and by His grace, be who He has called us to be.  Galatians 5:22-23


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