Counting the Omer & Shavuot(Pentecost)

thYGH4E0D2“The law of the Spirit brings freedom in Messiah from the law of sin and death.”

Freedom in the Spirit…..This was our focus during the 50 days between Passover and Shavuot.  We focused on the character that should result and continue to grow from following the Law (Love and Instructions) of God by His Spirit in Y’shua (Jesus) vs. following our flesh and being ensnared by sin and separation that leads to destruction, death and other not so pleasant things.   Daily we read about the Fruits of the Spirit, what they are and our responsibility to steward them into our lives.

As we looked at verses about the Spirit and the evidence of the Spirit in our lives these Fruits began to show up more and more.  It was really rewarding when a stressful situation arose to realize the natural instinct to get discouraged, defensive or angry  was no longer there …even if it was just a day ago.  Even better was when there was a desire to bless  each other instead of seeing all the things that “need improvement” in one another.

Part of me wonders…if we spent more time blessing would we be able to spend less time disciplining the kids? ……..I am all for saving time.  🙂  In addition, if we spent more time blessing and encouraging each other would we have as much time to see one another’s faults (another time saver!) …or even better, would those faults eventually disappear by being built up with confidence and encouraged by someone else that can see what we cannot in ourselves?

Some pictures from our Shavuot hike.  







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