August 2016

This month has been a whirlwind of activity.  I am so enjoying summer but it actually crossed my mind last week that I am looking forward to the calm of winter!

We finished butchering chickens last week.  269 chickens made it into the freezer for us and others.  I know the kids will be o.k. with not butchering again until next summer!  Out of the 3 different breeds we tried, the Freedom Rangers did the best at our high altitude.  They gained quickly and just didn’t die as much.  We lost 10% of them compared to about 25% of the Cornish Cross chickens.  The Red Rangers did pretty well as far as loss goes but they didn’t gain nearly as much in 11 weeks as the Freedom Rangers.  Most of our Red Rangers averaged 4-5 lbs. a bird and our Freedom Rangers were 5-7 lbs. a bird.  So next year Freedom Rangers will be the way to go for us.

The cabin has been rented out just about every other night this month.  We have really enjoyed hosting people from Airbnb.

Here are some pictures of our month….



The Greenhouse



Fresh Berries




Garlic Harvest



The neighbor horses come to say “Hi” (actually they are begging for green grass)



Montana Sunset



Little Miss Silver Lace

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