The Month of Elul

99ec9b6f7b4401821edb5e79eeffc102 Just a few days ago the Hebrew month of Elul arrived.  With it comes a sense of awareness and anticipation.  We are quickly approaching the fall feasts.  In less than 30 days they will be here.  Is my heart ready?  No…that is what the month of Elul is for…at least in part.

We are another year closer to the return of Yeshua and His reign and rule from Jerusalem under the Father’s perfect law of love, justice and righteousness and we get to practice His return during the fall feasts.  Will He come this year?  Nobody can know, but we can practice…we can be aware and we can search our hearts to clean out anything that is keeping us from loving Him and each other more fully and completely, His Way and not ours

The busyness of summer has brought the tiredness and distraction of hard work.  So much that is to be done and there is not nearly enough time or energy to do it all.  Sabbaths are a quick reprieve of weekly restoration before beginning a week that again flies by much too fast.

Then comes the coolness of fall.  That first killing frost and the harvest (and weeding!) slows just in time for the month of Elul.  30 days to begin to reflect, prepare and ask to be shown the dark places in our hearts and homes.  The Holy Spirit peels away the layers of pride, fear, rejection, wrong traditions, bad habits, anger or whatever may keeping us from a closer walk with God and each other.

The feasts are coming……Yom Teruah/Trumpets, Yom Kippur/the Fast of Atonement and Sukkot/Tabernacles.  Yeshua’s continuing story……what is yet to come and has not yet been fulfilled.  We remember His first coming when He came and dwelt among us and look forward to His second when He will do it again!  Will our hearts be ready to hear?

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