September 2016

Well that was fast.  I am pretty sure I am still stuck in August and here it is October.  Maybe it’s some sort of busyness thing or maybe I am just having a bunch of fun but whatever it is, September is gone and it’s to October we go…here is a bit of what has been going on….


Pretty girls….we spent a day with our friends the Strains when they brought our horse Genesis (the paint) back from the Bitterroot Valley along with their horse and her buddy Shabbat to keep her company.  She has been a much happier horse.  We will keep Shabbat until next spring sometime when she will go home again and hopefully we will have found another buddy for Genesis.





Building fence.


The motivation needed to build the fence.


This mama moose and her baby were hanging out behind our place for a few weeks.


Chocolate chip challah bread…thanks for the inspiration Steve and Shirley!


Who could walk away from these big brown eyes?   We couldn’t….we welcomed Suzie into the family about two weeks ago.  She is a 5 month old registered lab that was taken to the shelter in Dillon.  What was her crime?    She was a hose chewer.  She chewed and ruined 5 of her previous owners $100 garden hoses so she was “turned in”.  It was a great deal for us.  She has been a wonderful companion for all of us.  A real darling of a dog.  She wears out our 4 year old…who could ask for more?l


One thought on “September 2016

  1. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Looks like beautiful country. And I am with you: How in the world did it get to be October already??? I do so love this time of the year. The warm fall days, the colors, the smells of fallen leaves, the sound of a partridge rushing away, the crisp air in the evenings, oh… please last long, sweet days of October. Blessings to you and yours. Auntie Donna


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