The Cabin’s First Season

IMG_5562The cozy cabin’s first tourist season has come to a close.  We had a busy summer and hosted a number of different people from all over States and from around the world and from all walks of life.

The internationals were very interesting.  We hosted guests from Australia, the Ukraine, China, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Denmark, England and Germany.  The kids loved hearing people talk and write in a different language.

Guests from the States were equally as interesting as everyone has a different story to tell and we could see the cultural differences even from within different parts of the United States.

We also had a number of friends visit over the summer and were able to put most of them up in the cabin so they had their own little spot to be during their stay with us.

Once the cabin was ready for rental we decided to advertise on Airbnb.  The site was simple and easy to navigate.  Airbnb takes care of all payments and only charges a minimal fee to host on their website.  All we had to do was research and register with our State for tax purposes and everything else is taken care of by Airbnb.  By the end of June we were ready to go and had our first guest.

Most of our guests were traveling in between Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks and needed a quick place to stay for the night.   Virginia City and the Lewis and Clark Caverns are popular spots also and brought in some of our guests.  We did have a few guests that came just to see the Ruby Valley for a quiet get away.

Over all it was a great experience and we look forward to next summer when we hope to open it again.  For the winter it’s going to be turned into a craft cabin.  Quilting and fly tying and maybe something else artsy will come from the cabin this winter.  We will see!

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