Remembering Jesus in the Fall Feasts

rev-22-20We recently finished celebrating the fall feasts.  Unlike the spring feasts, much of these feasts have yet to be fulfilled by Jesus and like Colossians says…. they are a shadow of things to come.  Still, so much can be celebrated that we DO know and look forward to during the fall feasts.

This is the time of year we celebrate Jesus’  first coming and it’s the time of year we anticipate, remember and celebrate His second coming.   There is so much awesomeness to every feast season.  They are rich with meaning, learning and remembering that God does have a plan, He has always had a plan and He wants His people to remember His plan.

The Fall Feasts call us to remember and look back….and forward to Messiah’s redemption and restoration.  He is our provider and protector.   We get so busy in our lives that each day melds into another and soon we forget.  It’s the human way.   There is a tendency to look to the Tree of the Knowledge and base our faith there.  We tend to rationalize our distance and distractions instead of trusting in His Tree of Life – His Word- Jesus and the simple life of devotion to Him that it brings.  The feasts bring us back to His reality and the simplicity of walking with Him.

So onto the Feasts…..

The Feast of Trumpets brought with it a reminder to rejoice in our Salvation (Yeshua).  He came once and He is coming again.  If I could choose one word to describe this day it would be “awake”.  There is an alertness that surrounds and awakens our spirits at this, the beginning of the fall feasts.  We begin to prepare our hearts and minds for Atonement and make more preparations for Sukkot.  We make special foods and welcome people into our home who also have a desire to remember and celebrate on this day.

The Day of Atonement and the days leading up to it are not a feast or celebration but a time to reflect and remember Jesus’ blood sacrifice as our only means of redemption and we owe our very lives to Yahweh and Him alone.  He is our one and only Atonement.  As people of faith looked forward to His first coming and sacrifice so we look back.  On this day we choose to fast and pray as a family and consider the cost that Jesus paid for our release from the law of sin and death.  It was not easy and it was not free.  It’s also a remembrance that someday there will come a final judgement for those who choose to disregard Yahweh’s salvation and His way to life.


The Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) and the 8th Day are the culmination of the year of feasts. Sukkot is the feast of all feasts.  It’s just awesome.  The story reaches its climax  with remembering Messiah is returning and He is coming for His people who are called by His Name.  As in the deliverance from Egypt, He is still our sole provider, protector and deliverer.  It’s a time of celebration in anticipation of the Wedding Supper of the Lamb and remembering that He will one day rule and reign from Jerusalem with His perfect law of love.

img_6293   img_6297

During this week of celebrating we build a temporary shelter (sukkah), we eat special foods and drink special drinks, decorate, have lots of campfires, music always seems to be playing in some way or another,  we listen to traditional holiday music about Jesus’ birth and songs about His (hopefully soon) return, there is singing, dancing, prayer time, special projects, fellowship and fun.

b985351789df6eb8017a884a9a90dd0c One reason we love the feasts is they tell the story of redemption in a very simple and easy to understand way.  In the not so distant past there was no option for owning a print bible of your own.  Storytelling was the way people remembered.   God has a big story and He tells it though His Feasts and Sabbaths.  No wonder He told us to remember these special days and to not forget.  His feasts tell His plan of salvation and each significant step in it.   Every year, step by step,  we remember…..

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