December 2016

December has been a quiet month here.  Seed catalogs are beginning to arrive and thoughts for next years garden are beginning grow.  There is nothing like sitting around the wood stove on cold days to dream about spring and summer planting.

We are also planning our order for egg layers soon.  Our customers prefer brown eggs and so the leghorns will be sold as the new chickens begin to lay sometime late spring.  We hope to order chicks this month to have them laying well by summer. First we need to get past this latest cold that is sticking around longer than is typical.


One of the highlights of this December was Hanukkah.  This is a historical feast that sometimes falls in November and sometimes in December.  In the bible it is found in John 10:22.  In this passage, after the religious people ask Him whether or not He is the Messiah, Yeshua teaches about some basic points of being a disciple.   He tells them, His sheep listen to Him, His sheep believe Him and His sheep follow Him. He goes on to say how He and the Father are One.  So, if they are disciples of the Father they would recognize Him as the Messiah.  He tells them He has done many works that are from the Father, works they should see as being from the Father…yet the religious people He is speaking with don’t see His works as the Father’s truth (light)…they have their own doctrine that feeds doubt and unbelief (darkness).

Hanukkah is a celebration of Yahweh’s truth and light, His Word – Yeshua the Word made flesh.  It’s a time for reflection and rededication in our lives.   The Hanukkah story is one of courage and refusing to submit to the twisting of Yahweh’s Word and refusing to assimilate into being a disciple of the world.  Hanukkah is learning a lot more about being a servant instead of being absorbed in self and comfort.   In these dark days as the Truth of God is being trampled underfoot we can rejoice and stand strong knowing that Yeshua’s light (truth) will shine in our own corner of the world if we choose to be discipled by Him.

May the rest of your January be blessed!


Time to feed the horses….


….and the sheep


Little brother getting a ride and Suzie trying to “help”


Wintertime Treats


In the Beauty of Yahweh’s Creation

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