Garlic Salve

IMG_5862For those of you who subscribe to this blog….I apologize if anyone received this twice…I’ve been having some technical difficulties.

Not much was going on in January so I decided to post one of my favorite all time home remedies.  Maybe someday I’ll get to posting more than once a month.

RSV season is upon us along with all other sorts of nasty bugs going around.  I have given this recipe out a couple of times lately and it reminded me of what a great go-to antibiotic salve it really is.

Nine years ago when our third daughter was just a two month old baby she came down with RSV.  Then the next year she came down with pneumonia along with our 3 year old son.  So within a years time we had a number of hospital stays and the high expenses that came with them.  Both times the kiddos went downhill fast as their breathing became more and more difficult.   We had a most wonderful doctor at that time and he gave us some tips to try to avoid a hospital stay and when to come in if things did not improve.  So they didn’t improve and off to the hospital we went.  While in the hospital, as the kids were propped up and/or stretched out for x-rays (if you have ever had a baby that needed an x-ray you know what I mean), pumped up with IV fluids,  given breathing treatments, enclosed in beds with plastic humidity hoods, given shots of anti-biotics and as blood was taken for testing,  I thought there has got to be a better way. Respiratory issues are so common.  There has got to be something else I can be doing to better avoid doctor visits and hospital stays.

I prefer not to live from miracle to miracle and I don’t particularly enjoy seeing my children struggling to breathe.  So after these two episodes I was determined to learn all I could about natural God given health and healing by using materials He has given us.

I do believe Yahweh desires that we not get sick (just like we don’t like our kids to get sick). He is our loving heavenly father and provides healing in a variety of ways.  Just like we care for our children so He cares for us. Over the years we have been blessed to see many healings in our family and in others.  Some healings came quickly and and some were over a long term and some sickness we still ponder about…there are no answers.  Sometimes we just “get a bug”, some issues involved spiritually rooted disease, sometimes it was the result of eating poorly and sometimes the stress of a life event or series of events was a major factor.  There are a variety of issues in life.  In my own life there are things I am still trying to work out and be completely whole in but life is a wonderful process of becoming closer and closer to Yahweh….right?  If we are a son or daughter of His we will someday experience His fullness and complete wholeness in our lives.  Until then we keep searching and learning.

So with all that said… is obvious…..we live in a fallen world with lots of stressors.  These stressors suppress our immune systems and compromise them in a variety of ways and through a variety of life seasons.  It takes time and growing in wisdom to know how to seek Yahweh and handle stressors and care for ourselves and our family His way.   It takes time to build a strong immune system through wise choices in what we eat, how we think, how we live and how we treat each other.  In His mercy and love, Yahweh has  provided a way to help keep us out of emergency situations most times when these minor viral and bacterial sicknesses come upon us or our children.  They don’t have to turn into a major sickness.  I am not claiming natural remedies work at all times but from our experience there are many times emergencies can be easily avoided with a just a bit of knowledge and practice.

So during this search I came across my favorite home remedy book of all time  Be Your Own “Doctor” 101 Stories by Rachel Weaver M.H.   This book is so practical.  I hope to do a full review on it sometime.  I have other herbal books that are more on the scientific end for reading but this book is just plain fun to read.  It is a wealth of information.  It was in this book I found the garlic salve information and recipe.

As mentioned in the book, this recipe originally came from some articles from mother and herbalist Debbie Pearl.  There are a number of awesome testimonies given in the book as to the effectiveness of this salve.  It smells…well….like garlic.  In all honesty it is pretty nasty but a whole lot better than spending time in the hospital and wondering if your kiddo is going to pull through.

We have used this salve for those times when nothing else seems to be working.  When there is a deep constant cough that just won’t go away or an infection that just hangs on.  I smear a bunch of it on two non-stick gauze pads and tape these pads with first-aid tape on the bottoms of the feet, put on socks and leave on all night.  It can also be rubbed on the chest and back to get into the lungs quickly.   For young babies and toddlers if there is a bad cold going around the house I use it as a preventative to keep the child from getting anything.  When using as a preventative I put in on the baby’s/toddler’s chest, back and feet 3 times a day.  If a baby or toddler is actually sick I rub it on at every diaper change (chest, back and feet) or every 2-3 hours.  Babies don’t seem to mind being stinky and they seem to like the massage.  Older kids not so much but my kids always knew it made them feel better and so they put up with the stink.

Garlic Salve Recipe *
Put in Blender:
1/3 cup coconut oil
2 tablespoons olive oil
8 cloves of peeled and chopped garlic (Always use organic or homegrown garlic. The regular stuff bought in the stores is weaker and not nearly as effective…if at all.  I tried the regular store  bought stuff  once, it didn’t work for the child at all.  Just a bunch of stink for nothing.)
5 drops of lavender essential oil
Blend at high speed until liquefied. Strain through a fine sieve to catch any pieces. (I don’t have a sieve that works real well for this so my salve is more chunky but the more garlic the better right?) Pour into a wide mouth, small jar and refrigerate.  It will last about two weeks.  Be sure to check the sensitivity of the skin.  If redness appears dilute the salve with more of the oils.

There you go!  Be blessed!

*Disclaimer:  In any health matter the FDA tells you to contact a qualified, professional, licensed health practitioner.  If you choose to follow any information provided here you are doing so at your own risk.  Ancient Paths Living  is not liable for misunderstanding or misuse of this information.  We shall have no liability or responsibility for any damage or injury caused to any person directly or indirectly from the use of this information.

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