The Spring Shadows

th-4We are headed into another year of feasting, renewal, anticipation and celebration.  Over these past few years since coming to the understanding that God’s law is an instruction manual on how to live and how not to live. Since discovering that His Law is full of goodness, solid warnings, and sweet blessings to His children, we have seen nothing but fresh and good fruit and a simplicity to life that is just plain nice to know about.

Let me be clear….

For years we were “carefully” exploring God’s law.  Sure God’s Word SAID that His Law was all sorts of good and wonderful things – We would often read Psalm 19 and Psalm 119….but was it TRUE?   Do you see how that type of thinking goes and how dangerous it is?  We were not having the faith to believe God means what He says.  After many years of typical holidays gone flat from trying to fit Yeshua into them and trying to bring meaning through days, seasons, meanings of colors, inspirational themes, and devotional objects of our own making we finally just decided jump in and try Passover and Unleavened Bread.

After our very short and simple Passover meal, our then 10 year old daughter jumped up and said.  “This is my favorite holiday now!”  She then proceeded to go draw the week from Yeshua’s entry into Jerusalem to His resurrection at the beginning of First Fruits.  After she made her statement I sat back in my chair and thought…That’s interesting…… and then proceeded to watch my kids for the next hour or so as they laughed through trying to eat huge bites of horseradish and talking about how the unleavened bread tasted so good and I saw through a simple meal how their minds caught the vision of who Yeshua is.  It was so very…..simple.  I didn’t get the resurrection eggs out that year and any following year….I didn’t need to…they seemed far removed from the reality and truths we had just experienced through this shadow.

Other years I had spent hours doing devotionals, reading stories and using all sorts of symbols and trying to make the salvation story and typical holidays meaningful and when I was finished the kids would always look at me with glazed eyes like…..”Are we done?”  They were very polite…it was just that they were very bored.  I was spending all this time and energy trying to tell the story of salvation in my own human man-made way instead of the simple and exciting way God designed it.

We have had a few concerned people who have come to us to make sure we know we don’t have to do these things anymore…..they are sure to emphasize Christ came so we don’t have to observe these special days and seasons.  I respectfully disagree with that.  It’s not in the Word but all that aside….seriously?!  Why would you NOT want to do these things? They then proceed to go on and on with all these theological sounding doctrines and I end up with the glazed look in my eyes and eventually in my spirit and I am thinking….”are we done yet?” just like my children years ago.  With all due respect….it’s just so boring!  Why would we want to make the same mistake as the Galatians and continue to go back to the slavery and weak principles that are historically devoted to other gods and that are made by us….mere humans and not appreciate and revel in what God Himself has given us?  (Galatians 4:8-10)

Just like God’s Word says…the realities have shadows…or reminders…stories.  (Colossians 2:16-17)  Yeshua is our rest…everyday…the 7th day is a reminder of that.  Yeshua is our Salvation, our Passover Lamb…Passover is a reminder of that.  Yeshua is sinless and we are to get what God calls sin out of our lives….Unleavened Bread is a reminder of that.  Yeshua is the first of the first fruits raised from the dead….First Fruits is a reminder of that.  We are to prepare our hearts for the indwelling of His Laws and Spirit…..Counting the Omer is a reminder of that.  We are to have faith that His Law is Truth and His Spirit leads us into understanding and gives us the grace to live His Truth – Pentacost is a reminder of that…..and this is just the spring feasts!  There are over 50 days of remembering during this sweet time, turning back to God more and more, celebrating His goodness and understanding more of His Salvation every single year.

If you have any inkling of observing these treasured days and have not yet done so, take the jump…..step out in faith…taste and see that Yahweh is so good! If you already observe the feasts may you have an incredible season as you learn walk more like your Messiah….and may we all have a blessed season!




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