The Remaining Rest

serveimage (36)In the past few years many people have mentioned to us that our pace of life seems less busy and more peaceful than most.

Gaining that peace, or shalom, had been one of our goals of life and one that seemed to elude us for a number of years.  Even if we may have appeared to have peace it really was not ever there.  Not that we don’t have our anxious times now, but it’s different.

Since setting aside traditions of men and choosing instead to live by the instructions YHVH has laid out in His Torah, over time, life has become peaceful and and holds a greater purpose.  One marked change, one that overrides all else, was when we began to observe YHVH’s seventh day of rest.  This was something we had never done before.

We all have a few major turning points in our lives where certain decisions made all the difference one way or another.  Choosing to have the faith to believe that YHVH meant it when He said the 7th day was to be a day of rest, was a game changer for us.  Before that we really didn’t have any faith that the 7th day was it.  We thought as long as we took a rest on any day of the week that was great.  However, YHVH doesn’t say any day of the week is to be our day of rest with Him.  He is our Creator….He gets to choose.  He specifically mentions the 7th day and only the 7th day as His day of rest over and over again in His Word.   When we began to take notice of that, things began to change.

We have taken many different days as “our Sabbath” over the years.  When we finally decided to take YHVH’s Sabbath seriously it was amazing.  I will never forget the first one.  It was a beautiful fall day.  We took a walk downtown and went to a park.  We then came home and took a nap.  I can not ever remember sleeping that hard.  It was like 40 years of no true rest had caught up with me.  It was an amazingly different sort of rest….and it wasn’t just the nap.  The whole day was that way.  It was like the world continued to function around us at its crazy busy pace but time stood still for us that day.  Worries melted away and we began to practice and learn what YHVH means when He talks about rest.  It’s continued on that way ever since.  It’s the sweetest of days.

Our life really isn’t less busy than others in all honesty.  However, I think the difference is…..we get to practice rest every 7th day.  We get to, and we choose to, put aside everything that could be stressful of the week behind. We spend time resting in YHVH and being reminded of His salvation in Yeshua.  We have fun, we study, we feast, we get together with others, we spend time in creation, we learn what Yeshua taught, what He lived, and we learn to do the same.  That builds strong and good memories and teaches us to rest and be in shalom for the coming week.  It puts what could be stressful, in perspective.  The week ahead can be approached with an attitude of purpose instead of dread, frustration, or exhaustion and all the drama that can ensue from that.  We learn how to take dominion instead of striving to dominate.  We learn how to be grateful instead of entitled.  We learn faith instead of fear.  We learn true love is serving not controlling.  We learn joy instead of anxiety.  We learn that it’s good to work out problems and how to do that.  Best of all we learn that rest can be napping all day and not feeling guilty about it or that rest can be having a whole lot of fun and making memories with YHVH at the center of it.   Then we begin a new week….fresh and ready.

During more intense seasons of life….every 7th day it’s the same.  Letting it go…   During these seasons where life is more busy or things are changing, we know there is a solution, and we look forward to it, even if we only experience it every 7th day.  We have that to look forward to and over time and with practice it has been easier to carry that shalom over into the week.

The 7th day is part of the hidden treasure of Matthew 13:44.  It’s part of YHVH’s kingdom and you can not comprehend it until you, in faith do it…. it must be in faith though, not in judgement.  If you take the day of rest in judgement of it, you will only find that attitude in return.  You really do reap what you sow in YHVH’s kingdom.   If you take the day in faith, thankfulness and joy…well, I think you know how it all turns out…. May you have the faith to believe and may you be blessed!



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