prepareDuring the time before Yeshua (Jesus) began His ministry, it appears God’s people had once again become entrenched in a religious system of man made rules and tradition that held more importance than the Word of God.   By not having the faith to believe in God’s Word and Salvation, they missed out on the many blessings and freedoms available to them.  They chose to live by their own version of salvation.   The appearance of faith was there but the substance was not.  They had been conditioned to think contrary to the Word of God yet fully believed they were walking with Him and that their hearts were true to Him.  The scriptures say something different.  The people drew near to God with their lips but their hearts were actually far from Him.

Yeshua came as a man.  He was living and teaching what the law of God really held.  Taking out all the additions and subtractions man had made.  His people had a part in choosing to release tradition that wasn’t of God and embrace Yeshua who would teach and bring the people back to the ancient ways of blessing.  He would bring them back to the inheritance of the promises He established long ago and teach them to let go of the heavy yoke of lies that religion had placed on them.

It is the same today.  It’s been 2,000 years since Messiah walked and taught on the earth.  Many promises and blessings have been lost and truth denied.    In searching scripture, much of what has been lost can be regained if we have the faith to believe God means what He says.  The people of God can become very alive again with the truth of the gospel that sets captives free.

We are in the midst of the 40 days of preparation before the Spring Feasts begin.  I love this time of year.  With every feast season comes a time of refreshment and growth.  I can’t help but reflect and desire to grow and know my Creator and Savior more.  Sometimes I try to remember what it was like to not have this time of year.  The emptiness I felt in trying to fit the story of salvation into the cultural holiday of Easter was very difficult for me.  I never pulled it off well.  Bunnys, candy baskets, ham dinners and colored eggs seemed to dull this incredible story of rescue that only God could do.  The fullness and fulfillment of the Spring Feasts took care of all of that for me.  God knows best when He writes a story and I had no need to fit Him into something He never established.   He created the feasts for very specific reasons and they are very special times He has arranged to meet with His people.

These are not Jewish holidays, although many Jews do keep them.  They are God’s holy days that were removed from the faith by Christian Church Fathers in very deliberate and forceful ways.  Many early believers lost their lives or at the very least were expelled from the church and cursed for continuing to stand firm in the biblical faith and keep these days.  Is it any wonder we don’t see them in the Christian church anymore?  It’s only for our benefit to search them out and find what a rich inheritance was removed from the gospel story so long ago but can be reclaimed and lived out today.

We love to live out the promises God has given us and as this Feast season begins we hope to post more often to show you what we are up to.  Celebrating these ancient ways are wonderful but more than that they tell a story so we remember our God, so we remember how he feels love and honor and so we remember just how incredible and awesome He is.

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