serveimage (68)We are in the final week before the Spring Feasts begin.  The final prep for the Passover meal, the day of Firstfruits and the week of Unleavened Bread is here.  This means grocery shopping, getting the last of the leven out of the house and digging out all the awesome recipes we get to make for this time of the year.

I wanted to write about Shabbat again just because it is so special.   I love hearing from my 5 year old on Sunday, “Is it Sabbath yet?” …”No sweetie…it was yesterday.” Then Wednesday, “Is it Sabbath yet?” “No, not yet but it’s coming.” Then he will ask again later in the week and eventually it’s a yes.  What a blessing to have it come every 7th day.

God calls this day the special sign between Him and His people.  It is so unfortunate that it was removed from the church.  God’s people have missed so much in learning how to rest, how to hear His voice and experiencing what it is like to love God and bless Him and family on this day.

So, in this post I am going to tackle a question we get every so often.  “What do you DO all day?” That’s a really good question.  I think people have this idea that taking a day of rest means all you do is nap all day, and sometimes we do that, but not so much anymore.

So, here is what we usually do……IMG_8407

Shabbat begin’s on Friday night as we sit down to our evening meal.  We’ve spent the day cleaning and cooking so we can just relax on Shabbat.   Every Friday afternoon Scott starts a special meal of spicy and BBQ chicken, with cream cheese/sour cream mashed potatoes and green beans.  The older girls take turned making the challah bread, a sweet braided bread.  We set the table with our good plates and fancy cups.  We have special drinks just for Friday nights.  Even before we could honor God’s Shabbat I loved the idea of having a special family meal every week and so we did.  It was a time to eat good food and a special dessert, drink fun drinks and reconnect as a family. Moving this into Shabbat was easy and exciting.

After supper we always have ice-cream and after that we gather the kids in a circle, say a blessing over them and we go on to play games, dance and/or visit.  Then we head off to bed.

Shabbat morning we sleep in as late as we want, make some tea or coffee and have a leisurely breakfast.  After breakfast and usually around 11:00 we get situated and take turns reading out of the Bible and talking about how it is applicable to life or what the passage is about.  That usually takes about an hour.  Then we might dance, sing, pray, take a walk, spend some time outside with our animals, snack on goodies, play games, work on a word study and lunch is in there somewhere also.  Sometimes we other have people over for a visit or we go visit others.  We might call someone we haven’t talked to in awhile to see what they are up to.  We might go on-line and read for a little bit or go on FB and wish others a blessed Shabbat or post what is on our heart to connect with and encourage those who need it.  Overall the day is a slow day.  It’s very relaxed and usually after the day is all done we will make some popcorn sit down and watch a movie together as a family.

The bible says that God’s feast days are to be full of rest, fun, rejoicing and feasting.  In others words, learning about Him.  We serve a joyful God who is perfect in every way.  That is so something to celebrate. Whenever we hear, “Don’t you know? You don’t have to do that anymore?” we always reply.  “It’s not a have-to…’s a get-to.”

serveimage (69)




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