What’s go’in on…..

So it’s been about forever since I’ve posted pictures and given any updates.  They say that time goes fast when you are having fun.  I guess that pretty much sums it up.  These are some picture from this last winter.  There has really been a lot going on these last 3 months and so I will try to post more of the happenings later.


Building puzzles.  We have this awesome thrift store in town that sells puzzles for .50 It’s pretty cheap entertainment.  When my kids can finish a 1,000 piece in two days…puzzles need to be cheap!


Rug Braiding


Spoon carving


More rug braiding


The big helper


A day at the ice rink…Bekah was working that day so we missed out on getting her in the picture.


Reading time with the younger kids.


Our abundant egg supply


Some of the younger kids helping me make chicken nuggets.  One of their favorite meals…mine too as a matter of fact. 



2 thoughts on “What’s go’in on…..

  1. Greetings to you all from Red Bluff, CA. “What are they doing up there?”, you may ask.

    Well, My sons daughter, Rebecca just graduated from Simpson Bible College as a Bachelor of Science last week with highest honors. She is pursuing a teaching position in the elementary grades and loves smaller children. Now we are waiting for Saturday and the wedding of a former parishioner 21 years ago. My how times flies!

    Still have not completed the unpacking job but we are persistently hacking away at the boxes!

    Great photos from your blog and the update. Sure do miss you all, but we are thankful for the warm temps and the family so close.

    G-d ‘s best blessings to you all and we’ll get back with more details when we get back to San Diego and Connie prepares for her knee replacement surgery on the 23rd of May.

    love to all. J&C



    • So good to hear from you guys! Sounds like retirement is keeping you on the go. So glad you are getting to spend more time with your family now.
      We will be praying for Connie’s knee surgery. That all goes well and her body heals quickly! Love to you too!


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