Seasonal Thoughts…

Fruits of the SpiritI’ve said this before and here I am saying it again, this spring feast season, just like every feast season, has been one that has included a lot of reflection.  It’s one of the many incredible aspects of walking in Yahweh’s ways.  In total the spring feast season covers a span of 50 days.  God gives us lots of time through each season to remember and practice His ways so even during those days that are not a Feast Day or a Shabbat we are still remembering who our Redeemer is and how we are called to live day in and day out.  The Feasts provide reflection on what is working and in shalom and also what is not quite right in life and where we are out of step with in the Spirit.

It’s not just about the Feast days themselves.  It’s what they bring out in a person.  With each and every Feast season, with each and every Shabbat we should be brought back into alignment with Yahweh so we can face whatever comes with strength, integrity and joy.

In these past 6 years each Feast season has brought a time of stretching and challenge.  I have found that I can choose to run from this responsibility and shove it under the proverbial carpet or face it head on and grow as I am called to do.

What has stood out to me in a very glaring type of way this Feast season is the cold love that has infiltrated families, communities and the world.  The manipulative, self-absorbed, rarely giving without expectation kind of love.  In our world we say we love, we really think we do but according to biblical standards it’s cold…it’s not true love.  The problem is we are so used to this sort of counterfeit love we don’t know what the real thing looks like.

Technology, stress, family and social pressures and an overall hurried and harsh lifestyle are the norm now.   There is almost a constant drive of competition and performance.  Our culture puts a lot of value on achievement, appearance and success and this is not necessarily good.  Relationships tend to suffer badly and while all looks good and well on the outside cold love is often lurking in the background.

What does cold love look like? I think it differs from person to person.  I know it hits the hardest at our weakest points.  Where is our greatest fear or source of pride?  Where do we have the most hurt, bitterness and self-pity? What do we want to control and just can’t let go of? What questions do we run from? There you will find cold love and cold loves always hurts, remains stagnant and refuses to heal yet it always claims to be true…that is the deception.  The only thing that brings the so much desired and welcome relief are the actions of real love.

love3So my constant thought this feast season has been how do I protect my heart and lead my family into the truth of love…real love?   How do we live like 1 Corinthians 13 when it’s a really unpopular way to live?  How can we stay out of the expectations and bondage to the culture around us?  How do we continue to walk with our Savior yet maneuver through drama that tries to make it’s way into our lives?

So the collection of my musings over this feast season and what love truly looks like is maybe a little unconventional but that seems to be a theme in my life.  Maybe I’ll share these thoughts in another post….maybe they are just for me.

I don’t have the full answer to all my questions at this point but through this Yahweh is showing me step by step and I have seen some really good fruit.  One thing I do know.  Yahweh is faithful and His desire is to see His people walk in freedom not in bondage to fear, pride or anything else that keeps us from fullness of life in Him.  We are called to walk as Yeshua walked.  I want to be a part of that.


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