…and it’s into summer 2018

As I grow older I am beginning to realize more the importance of stillness and quiet.  You can’t appreciate the gifts Yahweh has given without taking time to just be.  In our hurried, competitive based world it’s a choice to step back and revel in the amazing of creation and the gifts Yahweh freely gives to anyone who chooses to be still in body, mind and spirit.

Here are a few snapshots of the gifts of that stillness that Yahweh has blessed us with so far this summer….everyone is a masterpiece.


A few pictures of the big sky….this is the view out our front door.


This is the neighbors pasture behind our house


Plum Blossoms…if there was a smell called delicious this would be it


Another field behind our house with a storm rolling in


Clouds hanging around the mountain


A double rainbow


Another rainbow


A Lazuli Bunting.  I have never seen one of these birds here or anywhere else.  This one came on a Shabbat morning and hung out in the flower patch for about 30 minutes eating dandelions.


One of the bluebirds that has made our yard it’s home for the summer


Hannah eating to her hearts content


Mama and baby Killdeer


Oh the cuteness


Another rainbow and the first lilacs that we’ve had here.  The first two years they froze off but this year they made up for it.  They were beautiful all over the valley.


One of our favorite parts of this valley….the sunsets


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