More of Summer 2018

What a summer it has been.  For me it has held a lot of reflection…more than usual which for me tends to be a lot anyway.

As life moves on I guess I am always being drawn back to simplicity.  God is so basic.  I mean, He Himself is more than we can comprehend but in His relationship with us He is very simple and understandable.  He works through families not institutions.  He teaches us through applying His ways in real life experiences that reach our heart, soul and spirit and not so much through preaching from a pulpit by well schooled theologians….as inspiring as those messages sometimes are they are quickly forgotten.  He speaks to us through the quiet and in creation by observing His created beauty and taking time to see and hear of Him and His care.   He walks with us through the joys and challenges of following Him if we are willing to set aside the expectations and control of man’s ways and welcome Him in.

So…onto this summer….Scott and I celebrated 20 years together.  So we have a bit of a milestone in there.  20 years together seems like a long time yet I feel like it’s been so short.  However, we do have an almost 19 year old and so it is obvious…time has gone by and quite a lot of it.  I am really thankful that Yahweh brought Scott and I together.  I can’t imagine that I would have learned or grown as much as I have without him and specifically him. As we have visited over this season of time he has said the same about me.  Just like most couples do…we had rough edges that needed to be smoothed and damaging mindsets that needed burning out of our lives and we have managed to do that with each other and come out on the other side together.  We seem to be moving into what seems like a new season of life with walking out new understanding about ourselves and others and with our growing and older children.   These past few years have been the time for building more of a friendship type of relationship with our older children instead of so much directing, instructing and playing.  There is still instruction but it is more as peers and sharpening and sometimes challenging each other rather than simply instructing and/or having fun.  This seems to filter down and benefits the younger kids also.

IMG_0166 (2)

20 years.  This was taken up at Brahnam Lakes – 20 miles (and up the mountain) from our place

This summer we also celebrated Bekah’s graduation from high school.  She is very excited to NOT be starting school this week.  She has been a most wonderful first child.  She has always been very inquisitive and a learner.  I didn’t have to teach her once she learned the basics.  She was able to teach herself and think for herself which is our whole point in home educating. As an added bonus this has been a real help to me over the past few years.  She enjoys her job at Home Park Assisted Living and is very good at it.  All the sweet people there love her and she has learned a lot from them and from the people she works with also.  In addition to doing a bit of traveling, she is saving to buy a home which we encourage the kids to start thinking towards at a young age. She also has her artistic flair which she continues to grow into.   In her most recent projects she has been working with chalk and oil pastels.  She has talked about starting a blog for her artwork but that has not materialized as of yet.  She would rather be drawing, writing or making up something exquisite in the kitchen for dinner or basically anything other than working on the computer.   🙂


One of Bekah’s senior pictures.  I love pictures that symbolize things…..she starting down a new road this year.




Northern “Bullock’s” Oriole  This little guy moved fast and this was the best picture we could get of him.


The pretty evening sky while on a hike


Another beautiful evening of chasing a rainbow.  We followed this rainbow for 30 minutes on a drive back from town.  We decided to take a picture when it was over our house.  That’s our place in the grove of trees.


Western Tanager


Picking wildflowers after taking our family picture.  I’ll post that another time with a family update.


A great horned owl that we found during an evening hike.  What is it about owls that is just so amazing? I do wish I could turn my head like they do…it would come in real handy sometimes.


Rachel and her “17 years” birthday cake….and yes, it tasted as good as it looks.


The roses


The roses again…they are just so pretty


At the 4th of July fireworks show in Virginia City.  We have friends who let us sit in the field next to their house so we don’t have to fight the crowds.


Another sunset that Rachel caught on camera

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